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Fix AMD/ATI Graphics issue in Windows 10

Having a dual screen setup is really useful, even necessary for some – and to have that suddenly taken away can be a huge frustration – but that is what has happened to people with AMD/ATI graphics cards during a windows update.

Also you may notice that once this has happened the computer doesn’t have the full range of resolutions available. This means the screen may look a bit fuzzy or have big black lines on the side of the screen.


If this has happened to you then fear not, you can quickly fix the issue by following the guide below.

Go to Device Manager.    enter in “devmgmt.msc” (without the quotes) then click Ok.


Click on the Display Adapters options then your graphics card for example “ATI Radeon 3000/4000”


Right-Click on your display adapter and choose “Properties”


Then select the “Driver” tab and choose “Roll Back Driver”


This will fix the immediate issue and you can now make use of your wonderful dual screen setup. However the issue will re-occur.

To prevent it happening again download and install the Windows Update Show Hide tool (WUSHOWHIDE) from here the Direct Link or the webpage.

Choose “Hide updates”

Put a tick next to the ATI graphics driver and click Next to finish the process.

All good