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At Fremantle Bentech Computers, we offer technical support for a range of computers and laptops and even go on-site.

We offer assistance by answering technical queries, addressing the issue and making recommendations.
Make your digital experience easy and call us today.

Onsite Support

Stuck in the office and need some technical help? Pending deadline for a meeting and laptop won’t start?
At Bentech Computers we are always happy to help.
We can come to you to do servicing, make a diagnosis and carry out repairs, all at a reasonable price.
Call Bentech Computers today, we make life easy.

Mac Support

Is your Mac running slow? Taking too long to boot up? Having trouble loading videos?
Bentech Computers are here to help.
Call Bentech Computers today, we are always happy to help.

Remote Support

Remote Support helps Bentech technicians establish a connection to your PC, Laptop or server no matter where you are in the world. Download Remote Support (1.5 MB) Once the download has been completed, feel free to Contact Us to arrange for a remote-in session so we can help you.

PC & Laptop Support

The team at Fremantle Bentech Computers pride ourselves in helping people out with their everyday technical PC issues.

Whether your device is crashing, running slow, or even if your hard drive is failing, we are here for you.

No tech talk, we will discuss a plan to suit your computer needs.

Call Bentech Computers today, we will help you out.